Collapsibile cases - Plibox

Foldable boxes of plywood are made up by bottom, lid and walls already assembled. They are excellent to overlap and resistant to crashes. Certificated by ONU for the transport of particulary dangerous goods.

Strong like wooden boxes, but foldable like cardboard. Available in many standard formats

They permit to safe time in packing, weight and volume. When folded they occupy only 10% of the original volume.


Pallets two ways, 3 hooves (60x100 mm)

  Dim int. Dim. est. Weight
  780x580x380 800x600x490 14,91
  780x580x580 800x600x490 17,15

Pallets four ways

  Dim int. Dim. est. Weight
  1180x780x380 1200x800x530 26,77
  1180x780x580 1200x800x730 29,93
  1180x780x750 1200x800x900 33,10